SCADA Systems for Oil and Gas

Streamline and integrate your dispersed assets across the oil and gas wellpad, pipeline and terminal markets.


Transform the productivity and efficiency of your oil and gas field

Find a wide range of SCADA solutions that streamline and integrate your dispersed assets across the oil and gas wellpad, pipeline and terminal markets.

From measurement to host systems, we offer you a single provider solution where you can avoid the islands of automation that require painful integration and eliminate risks associated with pieced-together solutions.

Our products and systems enable you to:

  • Monitor, control and measure remotely
  • Asset optimization with greater visibility of your field
  • Enhance safety by streamlining process knowledge 

SCADA System Components

Monitor, control, and accomplish more with greater visibility of your field.

Connect and link all your field devices and assets with back office business decision making systems and unlock process data to transform the efficiency and profitability of your operation.

With OpenEnterprise™ SCADA, your remote operations become easier, safer and more productive.

Established industry-leading ROC, FloBoss™ and ControlWave® products provide local control, monitoring and measuring of your dispersed assets.

These high-performance, reliable, low power flow computers and RTUs offer native support for common process protocols to ensure your field devices are connected to the enterprise. Get seamless integration when connecting them to OpenEnterprise SCADA. 

Our off-the-shelf application software will make your field operations more efficient by replacing custom programming with simple configurations.

Simply select the application you need from our catalogue, load into your RTU, and start up faster. Add additional applications to scale up your operation, or change applications as your wells progress through the lifecycle-without changing hardware – maximizing scalability, profitability, safety, and efficiency.

Software toolkits that empowers oil and gas field technicians to configure, diagnose, and program assets locally.

Installation and set-up time can now be streamlined by leveraging the single tools suite across both Flow Computers, RTUs and field devices.

Wireless modules that enable our Flow Computers and RTUs to control, monitor and communicate over a secure wireless network across the upstream and midstream markets.

Our wireless solution eliminates wiring and trenching requirements, reducing the time and people required to get up and running.

Product and Applications

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Apr 18, 2017
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