temp-H003 DeltaVSIS Virtualization

Stand Alone SIS - Virtualization and Simulation

Work in an easy, intuitive and high-fidelity simulation environment.

Engineer Showing Trainee Plans With CMM Arm In Foregroun

Develop and Test Your Safety Logic without Requiring Hardware.

By virtualizing the DeltaV SIS with Electronic Marshalling, engineers work in an easy, intuitive, and high-fidelity virtual environment to create and test the safety logic without requiring hardware.

DeltaV Simulate for SIS provides a complete simulated environment for Smart Logic Solvers (SLS1508) to design and test without logic solver hardware.

How It Works

Eliminate Hardware for FAT

The CSLS and the rest of DeltaV SIS with Electronic Marshalling hardware components can be virtualized to enable the configuration and testing of the entire DeltaV SIS system in a high-fidelity virtual environment.

Simulated SLS are easily configured on ProfessionalPLUS and Application Stations, and support both simplex and redundant configurations. Simulate for SIS also supports both local and global peer-to-peer communications of secure parameter references.

Ship Hardware to Site Earlier

Since hardware is no longer required for configuration development or software FAT, all hardware can be shipped directly to site. This not only reduces cost but eliminates project-schedule dependencies.

No Changes Needed for Transfer

Configuration does not require modification to be transferred to physical components.

Virtual CSLS uses exactly the same code as the physical CSLS, and the configuration does not require any modification to be transfer to the physical system.

Transferring SLS configuration between on-line and simulation environment is easy using export/import functions. 

By examining the module CRC, users can make sure safety logic was not impacted when transferring to the physical system.


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