temp-H003 DeltaVSIS Network

DeltaV SIS Standalone - Security & Networks

Multiple logical and physical layers to avoid unauthorized access to the logic solvers and ensuring security internally and externally

temp-C011 DeltaVSIS Network

Avoid Unauthorized Access to the Logic Solvers

Communications among logic solvers occur on dedicated safety networks with no direct connection from outside. All communication goes through an isolation node that securely allows BPCS and SIS to exchange data. 

Engineering tools offer configurable access control where administrators control user privileges. Items are edited only by approved users. A Logic Solvers lock prevents unauthorized access. A hardware key switch on the CSLS can enforce physical presence before implementing a change which means that logic Solvers are protected even if user credentials were compromised.

How It Works

Improve Security

Because the safety networks are both physically and logically isolated from any outside network, the safety networks are completely independent maintaining a higher level of security. All communication to logic solvers must go through an isolation node — there is no direct access to the logic solvers. All external non-safety communications must pass through filtering and verification functions within the DeltaV SIS standalone system.

Prevent Unauthorized Access

The use of the lock functionality provides the first layer of protection for unauthorized access. For increased security, DeltaV SIS provides the means to ensure physical presence before a change can be implemented. Even if software passwords are compromised, the physical layer will prevent unauthorized changes.

The Charms Smart Logic Solver includes a hardware key switch to enforce physical presence before changes are implemented. The Smart Logic Solver can use an external Intrusion Protection Device to achieve the same goal of enforcing physical presence

Deploy And Replace Faster

Built-for-purpose network components that are plug-and-play eliminate configuration effort, enable faster deployment, and simplify replacement.


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