DeltaV SIS - Bypass & Override Management

Minimize spurious trips during plant startup or maintenance with built-in bypass functionality.


Save Time, Lower Risk by Minimizing Spurious Trips

To minimize spurious trips during startup, DeltaV SIS provides built-in functionality to define startup bypasses, which are automatically removed after the process has reached normal operation.

Bypasses allow maintenance activities (calibration, proof testing, or repair of a transmitter or other sensors) to take place without the risk of a spurious trip. For safety sake, the built-in functionality allows managing maintenance bypasses — so they are placed and removed at the right time.

How It Works

Simplify Bypass Implementation

No custom code is required to develop startup or maintenance bypasses. DeltaV SIS allows simple and safe implementation of either timed or event-based startup bypasses. Maintenance bypass timeouts and reminders can be configure to alert users when a bypass timeout is imminent.

Increase Maintenance Safety

Alarms can be configured to annunciate to the operator when a maintenance bypass is active. Timeouts can be define to either alert or remove bypasses automatically after a defined time.

Document Bypasses & Overrides

DeltaV SIS automatically keeps track of bypasses or overrides operations. The history of bypass activity is available in the Event Chronical application and requires no special configuration.​​​


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