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DeltaV SIS

Take a modern approach to increase safety integrity while improving process availability.

Choose a Smart, Modern Safety System

The DeltaV SIS™ takes a modern approach to increase safety integrity while improving process availability. The proven DeltaV safety instrumented systems (SIS) continuously monitors your plant’s safety devices’ status and diagnoses the health of the entire safety loop–dramatically reducing your risk. The logic solver, certified to safety integrity level (SIL) 3 uses electronic marshalling technology to reduce your installation, commissioning and maintenance costs while substantially reducing your equipment footprint.



Burner Management

Emerson’s BMS solution includes a number of pre-built sequences, and a design methodology that helps customers get to grips with specifying sequence logic in an efficient and intuitive way. Our Consultants can advise on BMS design per the codes, norms and standards applicable in your region.

DeltaV SIS BMS application enables the burner unit(s) to go safely through all relevant states, from start-up, to operation, and shutdown when needed. Dependent on the size of the burner unit, DeltaV SIS can also provide automated leak testing of  gas valves. 

Prevent Incidents

The DeltaV SIS™ Emergency Shutdown (ESD) solution is designed to prevent hazardous situations from occurring and initiates the shutdown of a plant, unit, or piece of equipment should if required.

Sensors detect the onset of hazardous conditions, and the DeltaV SIS logic solver is configured to take your plant to a safe state, by manipulating the required final elements (valves and pumps). 

  • Get SIL3 reliability in compliance with IEC61508 and IEC61511 international standards
  • Repeat confirmation built in to the operator graphics
  • Version control that can be defined by SIL level
  • Powerful voting functionality
  • Flexible Cause and Effect Matrix (CEM) block that is intuitive and easy to use

Mitigate Risks

By monitoring process areas where fire, or potentially flammable gas or toxic gas build-up may occur, the DeltaV SIS system can detect hazardous events, alert personnel and initiate timely actions to minimize the consequences of incident for Fire and Gas Systems (FGS).

Prevent Equipment Damage

High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems (HIPPS) are a special type of safety function typically used where process design pressure ratings change, such as where a high-pressure rated pipeline enters a lower-pressure rated processing unit or measuring station. In normal operation, dangerously high pressures should not occur. But if they do, the HIPPS must react quickly to shut off the upstream source of high pressure and prevent it from reaching the low pressure side of the process plant. 

DeltaV SIS can be used as the Logic Solver in a complete HIPPS solution for SIL 3 application. The pre-engineered solutions with standard field enclosure designs suit this application well. Emerson’s safety team has standard HIPPS application solutions ready to deliver.

Prevent Tank Overfill

DeltaV SIS monitors the whole safety loop including control of level devices and shutdown valves to automatically shut off the feed to the tanks if the level reaches the high cut off limit. The SIS Logical Solver communicates with the intelligent devices via HART protocol to diagnose faults before they case spurious trips. 

Tank Overfill Protection systems often require relatively small I/O quantities distributed over a large geographical area. Our pre-engineered DeltaV SIS Field Enclosures are ideal for this application.

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