Integrated Vibration Monitoring

Continuously monitor the health of turbines, fans, pumps and other rotating assets with the Ovation Machinery Health Monitor.


Increase Reliability with Integrated Ovation Machinery Health Monitoring

Large, rotating equipment like turbines, pumps, or fans are at risk for problems, but inadequate diagnostics and outdated monitoring systems can make it difficult to diagnose, detect and address these problems.

The Ovation™ Machinery Health™ Monitor with PeakVue™ Technology provides predictive diagnostics and condition monitoring, alerting operators to developing problems long before equipment fails.

Full control system integration eliminates costs and risks associated with standalone systems.


Simplified and improved asset prediction and protection on important rotating assets in your plant.

Alert Plant Operations When Rotating Equipment Problems Pose a Threat

PeakVue™ technology provides earlier indications of developing faults.

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