Power and Water Cybersecurity Suite

Critical Infrastructure Protection for Power Plants and Water/Wastewater Treatment Plants


Cybersecurity Without Disrupting the Controlled Process

The Power and Water Cybersecurity Suite, evolved from the Ovation Security Center, is designed for both Ovation and non-Ovation users. It is a platform-independent, ICS cybersecurity solution that helps DCS and SCADA system users in the power generation and water/wastewater industries secure their critical assets without process disruption.

The suite provides security management functions to ease compliance obligations for NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) and other regulations.

How It Works

Enhances Protection

The suite includes modules focused on countering threats and protecting system network integrity. Real-time antivirus protection guards workstations and servers against viruses and malware. Application control effectively mitigates malware threats. Device control secures and centralizes management of storage devices associated with Windows-based workstations and servers. An agent-based solution determines patch needs within workstations and servers. Tools are provided for backup and recovery.

Proactively Monitors

Several modules within the suite continuously monitor systems for emerging threats and implements remediation tactics to keep information secure. The network is continuously monitored for rogue or unmanaged devices that can be simply converted to managed clients by the user. Network intrusion detection monitors data traffic. All security incidents and events across the network are collected for further analysis.

Simplifies Management

The suite automatically manages system cybersecurity without disrupting controlled processes. The suite includes a dashboard and supporting modules that simplify security program management. The dashboard provides a high-level view of system security posture with enhanced query and reporting capabilities for data analysis and compliance requirements.  The suite effectively maintains system configurations, proactively scans the systems for vulnerabilities and provides guidance for mitigating risks.


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