H003 DCS Virtualization

DeltaV DCS Virtualization

Streamline Virtualization in an Integrated Environment Designed for Process Control

C011 DCS Virtualization

Streamline Virtualization in an Integrated Environment

Emerson’s DeltaV Virtual Studio gives you the flexibility to easily create and upgrade your control system workstations and servers. You don’t have to be a virtualization expert to deploy a virtualized automation platform. With DeltaV Virtual Studio you can keep your system up and running with little or no disruption or downtime for system upgrades, maintenance and security.

How It Works

Create a Virtual Environment

An integrated virtualization environment makes it easy to create and maintain virtual DeltaV systems without IT virtualization expertise. Easily create DeltaV Workstations and virtual control hardware in a fully supported DeltaV virtualization environment.

Increase Flexibility

Easily setup and maintain multiple systems for control development, testing, and training. Support multiple systems, on multiple software releases, with the same virtualization hardware. Easily save and restore virtual control systems for more cost effective troubleshooting, application modifications, or operator training.

Consolidate Computers and Control Hardware

Consolidate workstations on host servers to reduce computer hardware, installation and maintenance costs. For off-line systems, utilize virtual controller, safety logic solver, and CHARMS IO card simulation to reduce the control hardware required for development and testing. Less hardware also means smaller footprint and energy consumption.

High Availability and Disaster Recovery

Be confident your control system will be there when needed by using virtualization high availability and disaster recovery. Virtualization can improve availability by reducing the Mean Time To Recovery (MTTR) for workstations with automatic failover enabled. Virtual machines are easily reassigned to backup host computers, and may be automatically restarted when implemented in a high availability virtual environment. Virtual machine images can also be automatically backed up to remote host servers for fast disaster recovery.


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