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DeltaV DCS – Simulation

Achieve Operational Excellence through Development, Testing, and Training Simulation

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Comprehensive DeltaV system simulation for development, testing and training applications.

Manufacturers are challenged to improve their operational excellence using advanced simulation capabilities. DeltaV Simulate improves quality of DeltaV systems and solutions by providing tools to thoroughly checkout configuration, operator displays, and advanced applications before commissioning online. Increase operator productivity and improve safety through rigorous training using realistic training environments with the same plant configuration and operator displays.

How It Works

Minimize System Errors

Minimize system errors with testing of control configuration and operator graphics. Use DeltaV Simulate to checkout control logic and operator interfaces prior to commissioning. Easily simulate process I/O for both classic I/O, CHARM I/O, and Ethernet I/O cards for non-intrusive, rigorous control system testing prior to field commissioning, without any changes to your control system configuration. After developing and testing your software configuration in DeltaV Simulate, you can transfer the configuration to your online system using the standard DeltaV export/import utilities.

Improve Worker Effectiveness

DeltaV Simulate uses the same configuration and operator graphics as on your online DeltaV system, and is easily integrated with dynamic process simulation to provide a realistic training environment. Process simulation may be done using DeltaV function blocks or by incorporating an OPC-compliant process simulation package such as MiMiCTM.

Reduce Project Schedule

New plant start-ups and major DCS upgrades cost millions of dollars. Significant savings can be realized by reducing the time to reach full plant operation and by avoiding start-up incidents. DeltaV Simulate minimizes delays and incidents by providing an independent control simulation platform for implementation, testing, and training prior to start-up.​​​


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