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DeltaV DCS – Security & Networks

Gain Confidence in Secure Operations with Strong Monitoring and Protection Features


Ensure your system network is robust and secure

The DeltaV system provides the tools and services to help ensure that your system network is both robust and secure. DeltaV helps you to comply with the latest security policies and create a more secure control system to protect your process from cyber threats with extensive hardware and robust software. And, if you need help with network design, security assessments, and implementation our advanced services expertise can provide any level of support you require.

How It Works

Built-In Security Features

The DeltaV control network architecture creates a separate control system network completely segmented from other networks in the plant, delivering a system inherently protected from unauthorized external access. DeltaV installation uses the latest operating system hardening templates and disables unused system services to create a more secure workstation. Microsoft Windows Group Policies are used to prevent access to removable media and can be customized to address your specific use cases.

Reduce Implementation Effort

DeltaV Smart Switches provide auto port lockdown to prevent unauthorized access to the network from switch ports. The Firewall-IPD adds an additional layer of security to protect DeltaV embedded nodes. The Emerson Smart Firewall creates easy-to-implement system perimeter-security features to help protect your system from unauthorized access by people or applications on external networks.

Monitor and Manage Devices

Monitor and manage network devices within the DeltaV system. All routine system maintenance and troubleshooting is done from secured DeltaV workstations so physical access to equipment is not required. This reduces security risks, as no unsecured external equipment is required to service the system. No open network ports on field equipment are necessary, so risk of unauthorized access is eliminated.

Improve System Availability

All network equipment supplied with the DeltaV system is fully tested and supported by Emerson as part of DeltaV development. There are no incompatibility “surprises” during implementation and commissioning of the system. System troubleshooting is simpler and faster because we can easily eliminate component incompatibility issues as being part of the problem.



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