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DeltaV DCS - Batch Control & Operations

Totally integrated Batch solution - enhance productivity and improve quality.

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Minimize Risk to Quality by Using Consistent, Integrated Batch Processes

Batch manufacturing involves coordinating sophisticated sequencing across a plant while ensuring the use of proper equipment. DeltaV Batch is modular and scalable to meet needs. The S88-compliant structure enables you to develop a library of software modules that can be reused – significantly reducing testing efforts. The batch functionality can easily be scaled to support multi-product facilities with multi-stream recipes that span many controllers.

How It Works

Optimize Agility in your Batch

With growing global competition, batch products need to get to market faster. In fact, many industries are also pressed to meet regulatory requirements. DeltaV Batch enables flexibility so that manufacturing can respond quickly when customer demands change.

Simplify Operations

DeltaV Batch is integrated into the DeltaV system and includes process cells, unit modules, phases, equipment modules and control modules. From recipe scheduling to device control to advanced control; from simple sequencing to multi-stream formulations, the DeltaV system makes your batch operations easy.

Operate With Confidence

The DeltaV system supports data integrity rules required by many batch industries including 21 CFR Part 11. The system also allows flexible specification of privileges while maintaining data integrity and data availability.

See the Whole Picture

Through the web service interfaces available in the DeltaV system, batch production can be integrated with MES/ERP operations to facilitate integrated manufacturing.


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