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DeltaV DCS - Advanced Control

Embedded advanced control provides applications to improve control performance and optimize operations.

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Optimize Operations with an Array of Embedded Advanced Control Applications

Advanced control is an effective tool in optimizing operations, reliability, and quality. DeltaV Advanced Control and SmartProcess applications include model predictive control, loop monitoring and adaptive tuning, quality prediction, and constrained optimization. Unlike other control systems with layered advanced applications, DeltaV Advanced Control is embedded in the system, using the same engineering environment, configuration database, and controller platform for unprecedented availability and ease of use.

How It Works

Identify Underperforming Control Loops

Continuously monitor control performance and identify the best areas to focus resources for maximum plant efficiency. With DeltaV InSight, you can quickly identify abnormal control conditions such as wrong control mode, limited output, and high variability; identify malfunctioning devices that may cause control problems; and accurately pinpoint loops that need retuning with a model-based tuning index.

Quickly Tune Loops

Properly tuned loops can decrease process variability and increase profits through improved product quality, throughput, and equipment availability. DeltaV InSight continuously monitors control performance and provides adaptive tuning recommendations for every PID loop in the system based on normal day-to-day operations. No disruptive plant tests are required. You may also initiate on-demand tuning to automatically step the process and calculate tuning for PID and Fuzzy logic control loops. Advanced statistical analysis, model identification, and loop optimization for advanced users is also available with Emerson’s EnTech Toolkit.

Improve Quality by Reducing Variability

The DeltaV system’s multivariable, model predictive control technology automatically accounts for process interactions and difficult process dynamics to easily handle dead time, long time constants, inverse responses, and loop interactions. DeltaV inferential calculations using neural nets provide virtual sensors for measurements previously available only through the use of lab analysis or online analyzers. Using the DeltaV embedded optimizer, product yields and plant throughput may be automatically optimized while minimizing operating costs and energy consumption, allowing even the most complex units to be operated at peak profitability.

Operate Closer to Process Constraints

After reducing process variability, it may be possible to increase throughput when plant production is limited by one or more process constraints. Reduced process variability allows for optimal control performance without increased risk of violating operating constraints. Using the DeltaV embedded optimizer, throughput may be automatically increased to maintain the plant at one or more constraint limits, allowing even the most complex units to be operated at peak profitability.


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