Paine Custom Product Solutions

Transitioning your custom pressure and temperature measurement requirements into reality.


Measurement solutions to fit your design, not the other way around.

With decades of design experience in the fields of Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Satellite, Military, Oceanographic and Industrial, our Engineers have the knowledge and experience to draw from thousands of top-level designs, to customize or modify an existing design and manufacture a completely new one to fit your requirements.

Custom Industry Solutions


Addressing your high accuracy, reliable system monitoring and control measurement needs for some of the most technologically advanced programs ever created.

Drawing from our shuttle, satellite and flight heritage designs, we will customize or modify any sensor to fit your requirements and provide the necessary space rated components, materials and testing required for your mission critical success.

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  • Typical Applications: Space Probe Servo Valves, Space Vehicle Actuators, Thruster & Propellant Pressure, Control Nozzle Positioning Systems, Manipulator Arm Controls, Oxygen and Hydraulic Pressure Monitoring.
  • Typical Solutions & Requirements: Space flight heritage, EEE INST-002/MSFCSTD- 3012 components, Radiation hardened, Mil-Std shock and vibration, Wide operating temperature ranges, Compact, Low mass and Secondary containment.


Highly accurate and reliable pressure and temperature measurements is more than just a requirement, it’s mission critical!

Paine™ custom measurement solutions are found in some of the most technologically advanced applications ever created. 

Whether your need is for the newest in military applications or just testing an idea, Paine ™ pressure and temperature sensors can be designed and/or customized to fit your exacting requirements.

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  • Typical Applications: UAV, ROV's and AUV's, Control Valves, Flight and Turret Controls, Guidance Systems, Moto-Chamber and Engine Pressure Monitoring, Break Controls, Fuel Pressure and Towed Arrays.
  • Typical Solutions & Requirements: Real-time communication, Rugged, Corrosion-resistant construction, High shock and vibration, High Pressure and High Temperature (HP/HT).


Collect real-time measurements to maintain well integrity and manage the production processes.

Custom downhole, oil and gas pressure and temperature sensors offer design flexibility while still providing the highest rate of accuracy and long-term stability under the most extreme exploration conditions.

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  • Typical Applications: Exploration and Production, Perforating Tools, Directional Drilling, Artificial Lifts, Chemical Injections, Completion Tools, MWD, PWD and LWD, Wellhead and Pump Station Monitoring, Process Controls Systems, Slickline, Slimline, Fracturing, Compressors, Hydraulic Flow Pressure and Temperature Monitoring.
  • Typical Solutions & Requirements: Real-time communication, Rugged, Corrosion-resistant construction, High shock, Vibration, pressure and temperature (HP/HT) and a very small form factor.


Ensure reliability, minimize interventions and optimize field development and production for improved reservoir recovery.

Custom subsea measurement solutions designed specifically for your complex, extreme subsea applications.

From digital to 4-20mA outputs, high pressure containment, subsea and process connections, mounting flanges, API certified materials and so much more, we can design a highly precise custom solution to your requirements, not the other way around.

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  • Typical Applications: Production and Control Systems, Valves, Manifolds, Chemical Injection, Blow-Out Preventers, Data Buoys, Ocean Pump Stations, Subsea Platforms AUV’s and ROV’s.

  • Typical Solutions & Requirements: Real-time communication, Rugged, corrosion-resistant construction, High shock and vibration, High pressure and high temperature (HP/HT).


Advanced Materials

Working together, we will design a solution for your specific application and environment. Understanding the operational location, temperatures, mounting and proximity to other devices is important. Selecting the proper material, connections and external surfaces of the sensor will help ensure reliable, long term operation.

Consideration of the media (fluid or gas) and temperature that will be measured is vital. The outside surface material (including inside the pressure port), or “wetted material” must be taken into consideration during the selection or design. If the wetted material is not compatible with the environment media being measured, your sensor will degrade over time.  We will help make sure that does not happen.

Typical Materials & Environments:

  • Inconel® 718 & 725 provides excellent stability and has great corrosive environment compatibility.
  • Stainless Steel is perfect for adverse weather and intense vibration.


Communications (Input/Output)

The way in which your sensor communicates depends on how it will be used within your system.  Determining where your sensor will be used in conjunction with the overall measure system is important. We will provide the design assistance to help determine the appropriate way in which your sensor communicates within your system.

Example Communications Types:

  • Amplified: Converts the mV output into an amplified signal of 0 to 5 Volts (or higher).
  • Digital: RS-232, RS-485, CANopen or SPI. Direct interface/connection to a host.

  • Low Level Millivolt (mV/V): The most economical pressure transducers.

  • 4-20 mA: -20mA transmitters are best used when the signal must be transmitted long distances (+1000 ft.)


Connections & Fittings

Depending on the location and environment your sensor will operate, the electrical connections, port fittings and mounting techniques are very important. We can provide a wide range of options and any sensor can be customized to fit your specific application.

  • Typical Fittings: E3, E4, Double o-ring, Differential o-ring, Weldable tube, Internal pipe, Autoclave and Adapters.
  • Typical Electrical Connections: High temperature pins, Cables and/or pig-tails, High temperature cables, Subsea water tight connections, Military miniature circular connections and Hermetically sealed connectors.


Extreme Testing

Advanced design, simulation and extreme testing (HASS, HALT, etc.) in place to prove that your design can survive. We will work with you to design and test your custom sensor to the farthest extremes. To ensure that your sensor will operate under the most formidable conditions, reliably, with accurate long term operation.

  • HASS & HALT Testing, Shock, Vibration, Life Testing, Susceptibility Testing (EMI and RF), Helium Leak Testing, Thermal Testing, High Precision Calibration, Hyperbaric, Thermal Vacuum and Customer Specific Testing.

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