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Micro Motion Advanced Phase Measurement

Taking Superior Process Insight to the Next Level

Micro Motion Elite Flow Meters

Understand your Process with Unprecedented Multi-Phase Measurement

Micro Motion Advanced Phase Measurement is expertly designed to provide accurate measurement for complex processes and challenging multiphase flow environments. The advanced software improves accuracy in many multiphase applications such as direct wellhead and starch concentration.

How It Works

Technology Insight

Advanced Phase Measurement adapts to changing process conditions by using a proprietary algorithm to determine when there is entrained gas in the process. When gas is present, the smart solution automatically corrects mass and volume flow measurements based on previously measured gas-free values.

Advanced Meter Diagnostics

With Advanced Phase Measurement, there’s no more waiting until the end of the month to confirm that your production targets are on track. Real-time production data monitoring empowers you to instantly identify any variances and respond quickly.

Multiphase Measurement

Advanced Phase Measurement accurately measures liquid or gas flow in limited multiphase conditions, providing continuous real-time data at +/- 3% accuracy in up to 15 percent gas-void fraction. The smart software solution helps improve measurement accuracy in challenging multiphase applications such as direct wellhead and separator net oil measurement in the oilfield, and starch concentration in food and beverage plants.

Sensor/Transmitter Compatibility

The Model 5700 transmitter has been upgraded with Advanced Phase Measurement software. This and other factors make it critical that you know which meter works best with the 5700 to ensure superior flow and density measurement. Use the sensor/transmitter compatibility chart to identify the best pairing for applications such as use in hazardous areas, gathering enhanced measurement diagnostics or satisfying specific location requests. APM is available only on the 5700 transmitter and is compatible with all Elite and F-series, except the F/H300.

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