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DeltaV Mobile

View real-time process data, historical trends, and receive alarm notifications from your mobile device – virtually anywhere.

C011 DeltaV Mobile

Your operations at your fingertips, virtually anywhere

DeltaV™ Mobile reshapes the status quo by delivering an entirely new operational experience and empowering your team to improve operations performance and safety by having the plant at their fingertips – virtually anywhere.

DeltaV distributed control system users can know the health of their operations on-demand, by viewing real-time process values, trends, alarms, historians, and other key data from their mobile devices.

Collaborative features make it easier to streamline workflows by making it easier for managers and engineers to share critical information for enhanced business results.

How It Works

If You’re an Operations Manager

  • Maintain high visibility of your operations, even if you’re off-site or away from your PC.
  • Monitor critical process values, KPIs, or alarms for your entire site with intuitive, easy-to-read mobile views.
  • Receive notifications for your critical alarms and quickly communicate with your team to resolve issues, wherever you are.

If You’re a Safety Engineer

  • Monitor safety-critical data and alarms for your specific responsibilities.
  • Always maintain situational awareness by receiving notifications and viewing alarms in real-time, exactly as they appear in the operator console.
  • Monitor safety instrumented functions (SIFs), such as bypasses, partial stroke tests, as well as critical suppressed alarms.

If You’re a Process Engineer

  • Easily access and view critical real-time data, alarms, and trends to diagnose issues.
  • Evaluate what happened by getting alarms in context with process information.
  • Get notifications for critical alarms, even when off-site.
  • Quickly communicate issues and troubleshoot with operators and remote experts.

If You’re an Unmanned Operation

You want an extension of your DCS, achieving faster response rates to critical issues and enable collaborative intelligence among your team.


  • Real-time data on your phone, exactly like the operator station.
  • Tailor the alarms to your specific needs.
  • View Alarm Help for directional guidance on corrective actions.
  • View alarms in context with process data.
  • Easily and securely share details with remote experts.

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