Flexible Solutions for Complex Textile Challenges

Every textile welding application is different and requires and in-depth understanding of the challenge – and the technology needed to solve it. Our ultrasonic textile solutions provide low energy consumption and eliminate the need for commodity materials such as glue, clips or yarn. From disposable medical products to disposable diapers, consider your textile application challenge solved.


Medical Products

Ultrasonic technology for textiles is suitable for professional medical products such as contamination-resistant gowns, masks and other nonwoven fabric items used in hospital settings where pleats and seals must be perfectly executed to pass regulatory muster. Our low kHz options for high-speed, difficult-to-join welds allow us to join together medicated wipes with multiple layers that hold in medicinal chemicals for better wipe-downs and higher purity characteristics.


Consumer Goods

Our textile welding experience spans a wide range of consumer good products. We provide low kHz options for items such as diapers designed for both infants and adults. Other products such as mattress pads, absorbent household mops, premium auto seat covers and leak-proof filter bags all benefit from ultrasonic technology to create durable seals without consumables or risk of material damage.

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