Directional Control Technology

Spool and sleeve technology in a directional control valve reliably controls pneumatic circuit flow.


Benefits of Spool & Sleeve Technology

Spool-and-sleeve construction in directional control technology allows the valve to shift internal air direction faster, making it ideal for tasks demanding high cycle rates. This technology also delivers the industry’s longest service lives. The air travel in a lapped spool-and-sleeve valve supports the air-bearing effect that prevents metal-to-metal contact. This frictionless fit is the secret to why the technology is far more reliable than dynamic seal valves.

How It Works

Floating Spool

The minuscule clearance between the spool and sleeve allow an intentional leakage of air across the spool lands. This, coupled with a smooth finish, centers the floating spool within the sleeve preventing metal-to-metal contact and creating a frictionless fit (i.e. an air-bearing effect with no wearing parts). 

Self Cleaning

A major advantage of spool-and-sleeve technology is its self-cleaning ability. Because the spool and sleeve have precise tolerances, extremely smooth finishes and very hard surfaces, the spool lands are made razor sharp. These attributes, along with the equally sharp holes in the sleeve, will guillotine any stray particulates and will make the valve self-cleaning.


Directional Control Valves Spark Welding Equipment Supplier

Learn how a leading welding equipment manufacturer incorporated Emerson ASCO directional control technology to support its product innovation strategy. 

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