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Improve asset reliability, increase process availability and mitigate safety and environmental risks


Enable Top Quartile Performance Using Equipment Monitoring Solutions

Monitoring essential assets is critical for reliable operations. The key enabler is having asset health information and alerts presented prior to the occurrence of unplanned shutdowns or slowdowns. This allows plant personnel to take corrective action and avoid production losses, expensive reactive maintenance, and potential environment or safety incidents.

The Health Advisor suite of applications delivers continuous diagnostics, equipment alerts and process health equipment that is currently maintained by infrequent, manual rounds.

How It Works

Determining Asset Health

Asset health is defined by a range of zero (worst) to 100% (perfectly healthy), calculated as a function of machinery issues like vibration or mechanical defects, and process issues like pump cavitation or heat exchanger fouling. Overall asset health is weighted based on the criticality of the fault detected, and the solution monitors differences from a known good state.

The underlying technology that provides a single asset health number is a patented algorithm developed by Emerson.

Using Process & Equipment Data

Health Advisor combines equipment data, like vibration and bearing temperature, with process data, like discharge pressure and seal oil level, then uses a patented, pre-engineered algorithm to determine the overall asset health. This ensures that the most severe faults drive the determination of asset health. This is important because technicians have traditionally looked only at the mechanical status, and sometimes process severity outweighs mechanical severity.

Statistical Process Control

Statistical Process Control (SPC) techniques are used to determine when there is a statistically significant shift in the vibration readings for fixed speed assets. SPC uses averages and ranges of small sets of data compared to a population average and population range for all vibration measurements used. An upper control limit is calculated, and two alarms continuously monitor variations in vibration signals over a period of time - vibration increasing trend alarm and vibration large change alarm.


Case Studies for Emerson’s Health Advisor Application Suite

See how Health Advisor saves chemical/water costs and reduces CT slowdowns.

See a demo of early detection of pump abnormal operation or imminent failure.

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