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Condition Monitoring

Vibration data collection on rotating equipment is the first step to understanding the condition of your machinery.

Condition Monitoring is More Than Just Data Collection

It sounds simple - routine monitoring of your rotating equipment results in data necessary for deriving information about the condition of your equipment. But if the data isn’t accurate, your analysis won’t be either. If you can’t acquire data in a timely manner, you’ll miss early warnings of developing problems. Emerson’s condition monitoring solutions are specific to the application and criticality of your machines, and deliver data you can count on for accurate diagnosis of machinery condition.

Condition Monitoring Solutions

Tucson Electric Power Builds Award-Winning Predictive Maintenance

Tucson Electric Power Builds Award-Winning Predictive Maintenance

Using Emerson’s vibration analysis technologies, the Springerville Generating Station built a predictive maintenance program recognized as the 2013 Reliability Program of the Year.

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The Latest

News Release

Emerson’s vibration analyzer now certified for use in explosive dust environments

CSI 2140 Machinery Health Analyzer provides an early indication of defects before they lead to machine outages
May 18, 2016
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News Release

Emerson analyzer provides safe vibration data collection in hazardous environments

CSI 2140 Machinery Health™ Analyzer receives ATEX/IECEx certification for safety-rated areas
Sep 28, 2016
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News Release

Emerson increases efficiency, power module life in wireless vibration transmitter

New options in AMS Suite: Machinery Health Manager v5.61 improve performance, streamline interaction with CSI 9420
Mar 15, 2015
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